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It's a big pleasure for us that Viofor JPS System

In 2000 Viofor JPS System received price on the Innovation Fair in Warsaw, Medal of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, and  In 2001 Brussels Eureka Golden Medal and special awards.  In May 2002 Paris Innovation Fair Golden Medal and later In 2002 Fair Medal of Pécs Expo In November 2002 Golden Medal in Nürnberg,  In March 2004 also a Golden Medal in Poznan , Innovation Award in Genoa was given to Viofor.JPS System and later Viofor JPS System received the acknowledgement of the Hungarian Olympic Committee again. In May 2005 Viofor-Light and Magnetolaser received golden and silver medal on the Innovation Fair of Paris.  In September 2006 Magnetolaser received Genius medal in Budapest.

In 2008 VIOFOR JPS System Clinic by the decision of Polish Promotional Emblem Chapter has been placed in circle laureates in I Edition of XVIII “Teraz Polska” Competition for Innovation! In the summer of 2008 on the 8th Health and Rehabilitation Exhibition Viofor.JPS Laser device received medal and certificate.