Viofor JPS System can be used for the treatment of the following ailments:

I. Analgesic action

1. osseous-joint system:

- degeneration of the spine and osseous-joint system of the upper and lower limbs
- rheumatoid inflammation of the joints
- stiffening inflammation (rigor) of the spinal joints
- joint injuries

2. soft tissue:

- extra joint rheumatism - so-called fibromyalgia
- traumas of soft tissue
- conditions after injury (cutting) of tissue continuity (including post-surgical)

3. migraines

II. Regeneration action

1. osseous system:

- osteoporosis, particularly post-menopausal (concerns prophylaxis as well as therapy)
- Sudeck syndrome
- conditions after bone fracture and breakage
- conditions after operations on the osseous system
- conditions after operations in which anastomosis has been carried out with screws or nails
- pseudo joints

2. soft tissue:

- conditions after injury with or without damage to skin continuity
- burns
- bedsores

III. Action improving peripheral circulation

1. improper local blood flow in the limbs:

- in diabetic angiopathy
- in atherosclerotic angiopathy
- in crural ulceration

2. accelerated absorption of haematomas

3. decreased lymphatic edema/swelling

IV. Anti-spastic action

- conditions after apoplexy
- degenerative diseases of the nervous system, accompanied by spasticity

V. Relaxative action

- neuroses
- sleep disorders
- prophylactic calming action, to counteract everyday stress
- stress in the common meaning of the word, and particularly after long-term psychic/mental tension
- concentration disorders

VI. Action decreasing oxygen deficit through effect on the processes of:

- aerobic tissue respiration
- anaerobic tissue respiration

VII. Magnetostimulation in dentistry:

1. Paradontitis treatment
(anti-inflammatory treatment, fighting pain, tissue regeneration, treatment of post-surgical scarring)
2. Diseases of mucous membrane of oral cavity, diseases of small salivary glands, gingivitis
3. After surgery (24 hours), e.g.: after tooth extraction, after gouging following apicectomy, in implant therapy
4. Complications after dental surgery (e.g. infected dry socket)
5. Complications after anesthesia, nerve damage
6. Orthodontic treatment (during treatment with permanent devices)
7. Prosthetic treatment (after prosthesis application)

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